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If you were faced with Him in all His glory

What would you ask if you had just one question?

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IC contact: Sirenspull
- your calls are bad news
Uh, hi! This is Ca- I mean Chuck Shurley, just- Chuck, sorry. [Indistinct fumbling noises] Leave a message after the beep and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks?

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How's things on your side, eh, Chuck?

Uh, good? Pretty much the same.

[There's a clinking noise over the PCD first when the feed opens, and if you're listening carefully through the house, Chuck, you might even hear it coming from the other room. Then, Castiel's voice comes over the feed, tired but curious.]

Why does one of the bottles in the cabinet have writing in marker across the label?

Cas, that's Everclear!

[WHEELCHAIRING OVER TO YOU. Fuck the police crutches hurt his ribs.] What are you doing in there?

[He wings his open NV onto the table and nears the liquor cabinet, looking up at Cas with a "y u do dis" face.]

voicemail, dated to Friday evening;

Ah-- Hello. It's Kurt. Um, I'm sorry about the lateness of the hour. I would like to speak with you, if you don't mind, at--at your earliest convenience. I hope you're doing well. [Click.]

voicemail, dated to Friday evening;

[Chuck calls back about half an hour after Kurt leaves his voicemail.]

call late Wednesday/early Thursday.

[ring ring etc]

[...Answered on like. The very last ring.]


[She had seen his dream, along with the rest. Elaine Belloc did not dream but she knew things and there was a limit to the knowledge she could willingly ignore. The visions were too predominant and strong enough to earn her monitoring scrutiny. There were many things that kept her from talking to Chuck after she saw his nightmare. She had business with Destiny and Dream of the Endless to seal her choices. She had also known that he was probably busy -- She wasn’t the only dream-walker who stumbled upon his Cathedral of holy rust.

She visited him a day after the nightmare, walking towards the Purgatory with the hands in her pockets, hoping to catch him during one of his break. All right, she cheated -- She knew exactly when that was what for sure.]


[He was just coming off break, wiping his hands and landing his chair, wheeling out from behind the bar. It was nice, incredibly nice, to be busy and active out of the house, to see people and have something to do and think about other than his own life and the girl who helped build that place.

When he saw Elaine, he froze for a second, expression tightening. It wasn't that he didn't like seeing her, but he thought he knew why she was here and frankly, he had had just about all of the sharing-and-caring time he could take.]


[Accidental prayer] tl;dr

[Michael hasn't used this method to talk to his Father ever. When God disappeared he just kept doing his duty like he was supposed to and when Joshua started conversing with Him Michael attempted to talk to Him through the angel but received nothing in return. He's heard lots of prayers over the years to an absent Father but never did it himself. Doing so had seemed like an admission that he couldn't do the job, that he questioned their Father's will and actions and back then he hadn't. Here though things have changed and he's not exactly praying with ease like a devoted follower would. It's more like the doubting son he never was.]

I know You can't hear me while I'm here but maybe that's why I'm doing it. [Michael doesn't want his Father to know what he's thinking.] You left us with a Plan - left me with a Plan. I understand why You did it, the humans are destructive and cause nothing but suffering for themselves. It's hard watching those you love in so much pain and you want to make it all go away, to give them peace and happiness for all eternity. I'm honored that You left such a Plan in my hands and I want to make You proud.

[There's a long pause almost as if it's all he has to say but it's not.]

But I'm not sure I understand anything anymore. You know I would accept any punishment You gave me if I've done something wrong but everything seems so wrong. Why? Why would You only bring Castiel back when so many others of my siblings died for what they thought was to stop the apocalypse? It was my fault they died and I take full responsibility for it so why wouldn't You save them when they did nothing wrong? If I've failed You in looking after them don't let it be the end for them for my mistake. [Another pause as if what he's about to say next is difficult.] Especially if my punishment is to be locked in the Cage with Lucifer for the rest of eternity.

[Okay, so maybe having doubts and getting drunk several days ago was not the best combination - or maybe it was. If it seems like there's more Michael wants to say it's because there is, but he doesn't. He feels as if too much questioning will make him a very bad son.]


kljsdfgdh offline and text and stuff ;a;

[Chuck hears it in his head, clear as a church bell. Clear like most prayers aren't, less they come from the mouths of angels. Of all the angels, He honestly never thought he'd hear something like this from Michael.

It's the first time in a very long time that He's felt proud of him.

What to do, though? Letting the prayer go is always an option. Ignoring it and letting it rot in his memory, leaving the archangel to his confusions and his proto-doubt. It's not like anything he says here will make a damn bit of difference to anything back home.

There's a point, though. He can indulge now, like he's been indulging this whole time. There's Cas and his doubts, Gabriel, Lucifer. For fuck's sake, he's let himself get caught up with Lucifer. What could it hurt to throw the other one a bone, too? Chuck reminds himself, not for the first (second, third, twelfth) time that a little human kindness to Michael won't hurt anything.

So he sends a text.]

Had a dream. It was kind of weird, but not really a vision. Is everything okay?

[That much takes him forty minutes to write, eight tries to send.]

[Yeah, it's a little bit stalkerish, but Lucifer is waiting for Chuck this fine morning. He knows when the prophet goes for coffee, and he steps out from nowhere once those wards on HoA are no longer an issue.]


[Action] Thanksgiving day~



[All he wants is to get some midday coffee and pretend the lack of real Thanksgiving doesn't bug him. Is that so hard?]

[There's a faint mechanical whine and a soft thump about six inches from the base of the door. When Chuck opens it, there will be a small square roomba style robot modified to transverse stairs outside his door. On the top is a sealed legal sized manilla envelop with a red ripcord, with a note inside, and a Thermos of his 'Barbie Dream House' coffee. The note is addressed to Chuck on the outside, in elegant Hebrew, in a beautiful blue ink.

The note inside is hand printed in English in the same ink, on heavy weight ivory paper. The hand writing is simple, clean, and some how manages to look old fashioned, only his signature, such as it is, flourished. It reads:


Yesterday was a difficult day for all. Shikamaru was out of line, greatly so. I won't attempt to lecture you on the forces which make a young man as he is. It is simply too close to home for me to remain calm while doing do. And for that I apologize. I've been trying to remove the boy from the mess he is in, and it has taken more than I had previously believed I had in me to give to earn the small amount of trust he has in me. Maintaining an emotional even keel while dealing with those I care about who are grieving so hard is difficult for me. As is being calm when I am defending those who have been forced onto similar paths as mine. Both intersected yesterday.

I hope despite out disagreement, you know I am and shall remain someone you may call a friend.


[He drags his ass in around two, after Elaine and Michael made him go home to get some sleep. He barely slept the night before, dozing off for maybe two hours total but mostly drinking beer and playing tic-tac-toe with Michael, who apparently had nothing better to do. Chuck hauls himself into bed and rolls out at around five, unable to sleep for too long at a time.

When he hears the thump and answers the door, he picks up the coffee first, then note, and takes a sip. Oh, it's good. It even has maple sugar in it. Then he starts reading, and actually stops in the hall outside his apartment to finish it.

Once finished with the note, Chuck looks at his apartment door and thinks better of it, making for the elevator instead. It's still in his hand when he knocks on Erik's door.]

Let it be known that I'm not the kinda guy who talks serious business with a grown man playing with kittens. So put the cat down for a second.

[In the middle of one of the conversations in Chuck and Magneto's accidental post, Chuck's NV beeps, and he pauses a moment to check- then goes right back to his business as soon as he sees who it's from. Ignoring you.]

[Somewhere in the gory night out with Magneto, Lucifer rattles off one of his increasingly rare prayers to the Empty Throne, his tone more acerbic than it has been in some time.]

O, Father, where art thou. I dedicate this torture to Thee. I dedicate this miserable creature to Thy Memory.

And I just thought you should know that this little soul monster here? This is what we killed angels for. Look at it. It's not even really human anymore...so I guess that means you don't give two swats for it now and that's just too bad, isn't it. I'll see if I can find something more to your liking later.

I hope wherever you are you have as much peace as I do.

[It happens in the very early hours of the morning.

Screaming--those screams, hell-born agonized sobs. But these are different. They're broken by gasping words, which sometimes they had been.

O Father, Who Art--

[Many of Lucifer's early prayers began that way. But there is no sarcasm tonight. None. He sounds younger, too...a child who's been forgotten and abandoned after soccer practice. But much, much worse. He's the child who was then abducted and murdered.]

--I'm s-so sorry, please, tell Mi-Michael not to leave me--come home--let me come home, Father, I'm sor-sorry I made you mad--

I can't do this anymore--it hurts, Daddy, why won't you answer me? [just sobbing now, no screams.] I don't want to be here anymore.

I miss you s-- much...

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