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IC contact: Sirenspull
- your calls are bad news
Uh, hi! This is Ca- I mean Chuck Shurley, just- Chuck, sorry. [Indistinct fumbling noises] Leave a message after the beep and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks?

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[Chuck's right in that they may not be able to hide it. If it turns out to be an islated incident, then maybe that can, but Castiel had said it himself. Sam could attack anyone if another craving hit; any being with nonhuman blood might be at risk.

But Castiel isn't certain he cares enough about the general populace to create any sort of risk for Sam.]

Only you, Sam, and I know what occurred. There's no reason it can't be hidden, provided nothing similar occurs again.

That's a pretty big "if", Cas. He was already... changed when he came here. This is all he needs to fall completely off the wagon.

I mean, if this was isolated, I'd be pretty surprised.

[He's conflicted. This indeed has potential to become a massive issue, though he doesn't have any desire to let anyone know who doesn't need to. But making that distinction might not be easy.]

Even if it is decided that others should be informed, again it's a matter of who.

[And clearly neither of them had any idea who, by Chuck's previous suggestion. As far as Castiel's concerned, this entire point may be moot.]

Hey, I know.

Look, if he does decide that he wants more angel blood, there's no guarantee he'll come after you. I mean, he might want something a little stronger. Like it or not, we might have to tell Gabriel eventually. Trust me, you do not want him finding out like that.

Otherwise... it's kind of... unclear. I don't- I don't know.

[It's true that Gabriel might be at risk. But that was provided Sam had the desire to go after him, had the means to trap him, and Gabriel fell for it.

And though Castiel wouldn't necessarily be opposed to warning Gabriel, he's not at all certain what his brother might do in response. And between Sam and Gabriel, he's going to worry about watching out for Sam more, despite what had happened.]

Do you know him well enough to speak with him about this?

I think so.

[It's a big maybe. Chuck knows Gabriel better than he knows himself- but Gabriel's walls come down for few, and his anger once ignited cools for even fewer. Sam and Gabriel are possibly each other's least favorite people on the island (out of the combinations that don't involve Lucifer), and there's no way this will end well. There really isn't. If Chuck tries telling Gabriel that the presumptuous, arrogant moose attacked his little brother, if he makes even one wrong move, then Cas won't be the only person he'll have to worry about. Sam has been on thin ice already.]

I want to give it some time. Sam's already on thin ice with Gabriel.

[He lays his head back against the back of the couch again, staring up at the ceiling. He almost regrets coming to to Chuck's place--not because of Chuck or anything he's done; the prophet and Michael had saved his life--but because he's frustrated with the situation. He doesn't know what to do, and if he'd just not said anything and tried to deal with the issue alone, then at least it would be solely his decision what's revealed and what isn't.]

Even if Sam were foolish enough to target Gabriel, he would have a difficult time harming him. Unless we have true reason to believe he might try, we should avoid telling Gabriel.

Yeah, I agree. You're- you're right.

[Chuck looks at Cas for a long, hard moment, then crutches over to the liquor cabinet. It's only a minute before he returns with a small chocolate martini- enough so that, coupled with the small dose of painkillers, Cas should be all set for substances for a decent four hours. He looks like he really, sorely needs relaxation.]


[The movement catches his attention, and he lifts his head again as he watches Chuck move into the kitchen, then come back with another mixed drink. He accepts it with a small nod of appreciation--he really does need something for the stress--and begins sipping at the drink.]

Cas- don't worry.

[Sitting down gingerly on the couch next to him.]

It'll be okay eventually.

[He has to believe that, even if some part of him knows how incredibly untrue it is.]

[He glances over at Chuck briefly as the prophet sits next to him, but doesn't comment other than on his words.]

Of course.

[It's not meant to be as much of a dismissal as it sounds, but he's fairy unconvinced either way. But he recognizes that there have been far worse situations resolved, and he feels he shouldn't be so pathetic about this. He just doesn't know what to do to fix it, or even where to start.

He does, however, appreciate Chuck's attempts to help, even if he feels he shouldn't need them.]

[Chuck can guess what Cas is thinking.]

Cas, can I tell you a secret?

[He glances over again, curious, tilting his head slightly to the side in a clear indicator for 'yes, go on.']

[Chuck says the rest while staring at his hands.]

My visions are all point of view, as you know- I see inside a character's head. You probably also know it's not just Sam and Dean.

The secret is that I've seen inside Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel, Zachariah, Uriel? Even Anna.

If you could see what I see, you wouldn't feel pathetic.

[He stares, at that, for some time. He knew that was how it worked, logically, before, but he's never really thought about the perspective Chuck's visions grant him.

The comments are a slightly unsettling, in an invasion of privacy sort of way, but far more so comforting for what Chuck meant by them. He doesn't smile, or even come close to the expression, but some of the weight in his expression and presence lift just a little. He's quiet for a little longer, before murmuring a response.]

Thank you.

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