If you were faced with Him in all His glory

What would you ask if you had just one question?

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IC contact: Sirenspull
- your calls are bad news
Uh, hi! This is Ca- I mean Chuck Shurley, just- Chuck, sorry. [Indistinct fumbling noises] Leave a message after the beep and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks?

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[Accidental prayer] tl;dr

[Michael hasn't used this method to talk to his Father ever. When God disappeared he just kept doing his duty like he was supposed to and when Joshua started conversing with Him Michael attempted to talk to Him through the angel but received nothing in return. He's heard lots of prayers over the years to an absent Father but never did it himself. Doing so had seemed like an admission that he couldn't do the job, that he questioned their Father's will and actions and back then he hadn't. Here though things have changed and he's not exactly praying with ease like a devoted follower would. It's more like the doubting son he never was.]

I know You can't hear me while I'm here but maybe that's why I'm doing it. [Michael doesn't want his Father to know what he's thinking.] You left us with a Plan - left me with a Plan. I understand why You did it, the humans are destructive and cause nothing but suffering for themselves. It's hard watching those you love in so much pain and you want to make it all go away, to give them peace and happiness for all eternity. I'm honored that You left such a Plan in my hands and I want to make You proud.

[There's a long pause almost as if it's all he has to say but it's not.]

But I'm not sure I understand anything anymore. You know I would accept any punishment You gave me if I've done something wrong but everything seems so wrong. Why? Why would You only bring Castiel back when so many others of my siblings died for what they thought was to stop the apocalypse? It was my fault they died and I take full responsibility for it so why wouldn't You save them when they did nothing wrong? If I've failed You in looking after them don't let it be the end for them for my mistake. [Another pause as if what he's about to say next is difficult.] Especially if my punishment is to be locked in the Cage with Lucifer for the rest of eternity.

[Okay, so maybe having doubts and getting drunk several days ago was not the best combination - or maybe it was. If it seems like there's more Michael wants to say it's because there is, but he doesn't. He feels as if too much questioning will make him a very bad son.]


kljsdfgdh offline and text and stuff ;a;

[Chuck hears it in his head, clear as a church bell. Clear like most prayers aren't, less they come from the mouths of angels. Of all the angels, He honestly never thought he'd hear something like this from Michael.

It's the first time in a very long time that He's felt proud of him.

What to do, though? Letting the prayer go is always an option. Ignoring it and letting it rot in his memory, leaving the archangel to his confusions and his proto-doubt. It's not like anything he says here will make a damn bit of difference to anything back home.

There's a point, though. He can indulge now, like he's been indulging this whole time. There's Cas and his doubts, Gabriel, Lucifer. For fuck's sake, he's let himself get caught up with Lucifer. What could it hurt to throw the other one a bone, too? Chuck reminds himself, not for the first (second, third, twelfth) time that a little human kindness to Michael won't hurt anything.

So he sends a text.]

Had a dream. It was kind of weird, but not really a vision. Is everything okay?

[That much takes him forty minutes to write, eight tries to send.]

[Okay, he hadn't expected a response of any kind for his unheard prayer so even though it's forty minutes later it shocks the hell out of the archangel. If anyone was going to hear this prayer then it would be Lucifer or Gabriel as they were once so close to God. So he doesn't even look at the message for a good hour almost afraid of who it was going to be. Surely God couldn't hear him in another world - could he? It was one of the more terrifying questions he kept asking himself.

But then again God hadn't responded to him in a long time so it was very doubtful that it was Him. So finally he looks at it.

The prophet. Great, just what he needed.]

what was your dream about?

[Don't mind the fact that he's ignoring the question.]

You. "Everything" means "you."

i'm fine. what was so weird about your dream?

[He shuts off his NV and sits back, praying at the ceiling absently.]

Michael. I felt something. I heard some of what you said- the general gist, sort of, coming through in the dream.

[No sense in denying it now. Chuck was resorting to praying now and if Michael didn't want his doubts aired to the rest of the angel brigade he'd have to answer it. A split-second after the last word he's appearing next to the prophet.]

I didn't think anyone would hear it.

I'm sorry, man.

[Forcing Chuck's normal concern into his tone is actually an effort. For the second time, he feels like he's playing a role instead of just being himself.]

My dreams are going haywire. I haven't had another vision yet.

[Well, now he knows not to pray here. He'll have to think of another way to get over his doubts. For now he's just going to take a seat on Chuck's couch.]

I take it you want to discuss what you heard?

I mostly just wanted to say something.


Look, I've pretty much Doctor Philed every angel in the place since I showed up here. The offer's always open to you. I know angelic mental paradigms are a lot more brittle right now, given everything that's happening.

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