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If you were faced with Him in all His glory

What would you ask if you had just one question?

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IC contact: Sirenspull
- your calls are bad news
Uh, hi! This is Ca- I mean Chuck Shurley, just- Chuck, sorry. [Indistinct fumbling noises] Leave a message after the beep and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks?

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[Snort. Congrats, you broke through the lineface wall!]

Thanks. You're a pal.


[Small grin.]

I don't handle grief well either.

[Rubbing his face with one hand.]

Most people don't, at first. 'Specially when the guy who broke your legs is trying to play the victim at you.

[Okay, there's some definite... twisting of how it happened in that right there. Or mostly just projection, since Chuck is 100% sure that Lucifer feels like the victim, and is making himself out to be to whoever will goddamn listen, and is probably princess-pissed that Chuck didn't sit down and listen to his feelings and bake him cookies.]

[Or feed him booze and pain pills like he did.]

If I say something you probably really don't want to hear, do you promise not to storm out?

[That is not fear you hear in his voice, Chuck, you must be mishearing.]

[.....Oh, awesome. Super. No, he's really pumped to hear whatever this is.]

That... depends. [Long-suffering sigh.] Would saying it be a dick move?

[He has a fear of abandonment, ok? A JUSTIFIED fear.]


[His mouth quirks, part amusement, part nervous laughter.]

I don't think so. But. Consider the source?


...say it. Just don't hold my reaction against me. I'm pretty fragile right now.

As you pointed out. Few handle grief well. How many has he actually grieved?

Who... [His confused expression turns disbelieving, and almost offended.] Lucifer? I-

[Loss for words. It doesn't happen often, so take pictures.]

-At what point do you still have the right to rub your ~grief~ in other people's faces? When you've killed- killed a thousand? A million? Gunned for your own brothers?

That question it probably not best asked to someone like me.

[Someone with millions of bodies to his name, someone who helped slaughter his family.]

I'm not saying he should have been sobbing on your shoulder, Chuck.

You have more social skills than he does. You're not an obnoxious prick.

[Yes, this is the same guy who was doing the "but he only hurts me when he's mad" routine a few months ago. And who has and showed you video of Michael and Lucifer soused on Halloween.]

Because I like you enough to make the effort.

[Just. Throwing that out there.]

Dude. Lucifer showed up at the hospital to harass Gabriel the day Jinx went in.

[Do you not understand that he doesn't make an effort for anybody. And when he does it's still horrible.]

ROFL. This tag after he spent the night with Mags after Kevin died.

Gabriel told me. Slightly different version of things though.

Chuck. He's not nice. I know that. You don't have to convince me.

killing things, yes. and the sarcastic prayer. touching. B|

Don't tell me you actually think the angels are an unbiased source about him.

[Just. Stare.]

I don't get your point here. I mean... no offense, but I know him a lot better than you do.

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